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  • Permalink You likened it to a baseball bat. I think I’m inclined to agree.
    Permalink You told me you were just testing your flash. I suppose you just happened to dunk your junk in baby oil minutes before.
    Permalink You claimed you wanted to me to see how bad your shaving cut was but I guess you angled the camera too far south.
    Permalink You asked if you were looking too fuzzy. All I could say was yum.
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My MANdingo Mondays Loves Longer than the Others….
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#TeamBigDick #TeamTop #TeamHung #TeamMasculine #TeamIBustYuCum
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NubianBrothaz@nite*.*  Just wanna be free.
    Permalink This is odd and erotic all at the same time.
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Thick and Shiny…

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    Permalink You said you had heard, I had a thing for expose brick walls.  Exposed dick too. ;)
    Permalink You said that you wanted to show your artistic flair in cock presentation.